Team ToR now representing Avant eSports

October 25, 2012 in News

Over the last three months since the establishment of Team ToR, we have surely come a long way since kicking off the long road in aiming to become the strongest competitive force in SEA. Now we are excited to start another chapter in Team ToR’s road to becoming the best of the best by representing Avant as their StarCraft 2 Division.

Mission statement from Avant eSports:

AVANT is a passion, a goal, a hobby, it’s a dedication, and it’s an enthusiasm, an obsession, an admiration and exaltation, something to reverence and worship, something of honour and esteem. AVANT is Australia’s fastest growing organisation, encouraging members to ‘dream realistically’, or to set long terms goals with short term aspirations.

Message from the owner of Avant eSports:

From the start I have been keen to push AVANT into SC2 but I was not sure where to start, but we came across tor and knew they were going to be the team to premier our name in the SC2 team. I am very glad to have them aboard.

Introducing the Team


NickAv.Spartaz“ Simpson

(Sc2 Division Manager)

Statement from Spartaz
I am happy for my team to become a part of this amazing organisation. It allows taking those next steps towards both our individual and shared goals. I am excited for my players, because this will mean that new opportunities will present themselves for the growth of each of my players. For now, I am looking forward to representing the organisation on behalf of the team, so that both Team ToR and Avant will grow and develop by this strong partnership.

Player Roster

Anthony “Av.Pox” Carapetis

Player Statement
As the most mannered player in ToR, I’m excited to see how well we can do with the support of Avant.

Daniel “Av.DanO“ Shaw

Player Statement
I am very happy that Avant has given Time of Rising the opportunity to represent them in StarCraft 2. And I will continue to improve so that I can display strong results in future tournaments.

Heng “Av.ZooM” Jin Kwee

Player Statement
I am looking forward to representing the Avant and the team at future events.”

Jack “Av.Pezz“ Perry

(aka Pezzaperry)

Player Statement
Avant has presented a great opportunity for Team ToR and for me personally. I’m very happy to be representing Avant in the future and hope that our relationship will prosper.

And introducing our most recent addition to the Team….

Bill “Av.XzaM“ Yan

Player Statement
I have been very happy since joining Team ToR and I am looking forward to representing the team as their most mannered player representing the team under the Avant organisation.

XzaM’s addition to the team comes as skrawL has decided to focus on other areas of life for the time being. Consistently reaching top 8 masters on the Korean server, Xzam is a force to be reckoned with as he has a lot to prove under the Team name.


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Thanks for reading through guys :) I know it was a bit of a step read, but we are looking forward to creating more opportunities in the future for Sc2sea and the ToR communities so keep an eye open for us guys as we seek to aim higher and achieve greater than ever before :)

Announcing Team ToR

July 2, 2012 in Team ToR

It sure has been a long time coming, but the clan Time of Rising takes things to a whole new level again with the establishment of “Team ToR”.

What is Team ToR and how will the Team impact on the Community?

Well first and foremost Team ToR, is going to be a Team that will represent our community within the SEA scene and the wider eSports community. For all you ToR guys don’t worry! I am still going to be leading ToR as best that I can and will always make time for each and every single one of you guys!

Where to next for Team ToR?

Well first and foremost amongst our goals in the near future, we will be competing and actively participating in the events across SEA. We will be aiming to establish ourselves within the SEA scene and we will be working to prove to the community that Team ToR has what it takes to become a dominant force in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Currently we are still looking for sponsorship and have been in contact with a few organisations that have shown some interest in what we seek to achieve.


You can check out the lineup in more detail on our roster page.

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Cheers guys ♥ ToR Fiiiighting!

Registering for the site?

June 21, 2012 in News

Everyone is more than welcome to register for the site and check it out. There aren’t a whole lot of benefits to registering yet, but we’ll add to that.

I’m working on a temporary site feedback/suggestions forum. It’ll appear in the navigation menu (the one with “home”, “about”, etc)

Things to note before registering:

  • Don’t use the same password for this site as for SC2 (or any other personal virtual properties you wouldn’t want getting hacked). The same goes for ZiggyD made a post on SC2SEA recently about how accounts get hacked. I think this site is pretty low risk, but I don’t look after the security – the hosting provider who I pay does.
  • Registration email will probably take about 5-10 minutes after you hit register. I need to update the mail server, but in the mean time it’s slow to send out the emails.
  • When you register, you won’t have forum access straight away. You need to be approved access by someone (stops spam bots). So it helps if your username gives us a hint as yo who you are.